About JH Ratcliffe

J. H. Ratcliffe products have been used throughout the world, in areas such as palaces, historic buildings, shopping centres as well as countless restaurants, public and private houses.

Since Egyptian times, painters have imitated the look of naturally occurring building materials such as wood, marble and granite using paints and glazes. Traditional hardwoods and some marbles are becoming scarce and expensive to use, so it makes sense to re-create their appearance using paints. With J.H. Ratcliffe products and a splash of imagination you can create beautiful faux finishes in no time.

J.H. Ratcliffe products are manufactured in the UK by Tor Coatings from its facility in County Durham, England.

For more information on Tor Coatings please visit www.tor-coatings.com

Acrylic Scumble

A water-based Acrylic Scumble used as a medium to which a variety of stainers may be added to create scumbles for marbling and other broken colour effects. Can be used in the creation of decorative paint effects, such as marbling, graining, colour washing, sponging, stippling, dragging, bagging and ragging.

1ltr, 2.5ltrs

Glutenglass Interior

For application over damp patches on plaster type finishes to prevent damp staining through subsequent decoration. Not suitable for use over new plaster. New plaster should be fully hydrated before Glutenglass may be applied as there can be a chemical reaction under highly alkaline conditions. If in doubt, apply an alkali-resistant primer first.

500ml, 1ltr, 2.5ltrs, 5ltrs


A sealer for bleeding stains, for example; knots, tar, creosote, nicotine stains, smoke damage and soot stains on most smooth surfaces prior to redecoration.

500ml, 1ltr, 2.5ltrs, 5ltrs

Emulsion Glaze Coat

A clear, non-yellowing water borne glaze in gloss, eggshell and matt finish. For use over emulsion paint and some wallpapers to impact a degree of wipe clean/washability.



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